Welcome to Heartland Australian Terriers

My son and I enjoy our Australian Terriers, as our companions and show dogs. Once you have discovered this wonderful breed, the Australian Terrier, and have decided it is the right fit for your family, it is not always easy to find. We are very excited about our Oklahoma breeding program! 

Puppies Available Soon!

As of now, it is likely that some of these puppies are not yet spoken for.  Please contact me if you are interested.

We tried this breeding at the end of last year, and it didn't take, so we're trying it again!

Contact Chris Chapman by using the
"Contact Us" form, or feel free to give me a call at 405-321-8842.

Health Testing:

Heartland Australian Terriers follows the health testing recommended by the Australian Terrier Club of America (ATCA) and we participate in the Canine Health Information Center (C.H.I.C) centralized canine health database.

A Statement about Tails:  

The first Aussie that I owned came to me with a tail that was already docked and it is possible that future pups that come into my program will also come to me with already docked tails as many breeders do this because they are following the AKC Breed Standard set by the National Club.  That said I do not believe that docking is needed or desirable.  I believe that it can be painful and is most certainly painful if done after the first few days following birth.  I also believe that it detracts from the balance of the dog and presents them with additional challenges as they grow older.  These challenges include balance, and communication with humans and other dogs.  Because of this I choose not to dock the tails of any of my litters and include a clause in my contracts that precludes the families that get puppies from me from ever docking the tail in the future.  Any puppy that you get from me will not have a docked tail and will get to keep what they were born with :).

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