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Heartland Taking Flight - Wilbur

Found his new home as of 1/16/2022

Wilbur is a 6 year old boy who wants nothing more than to spend time with his people.  Wilbur has sired two litters, but is now neutered. He is house trained but may need the occasional reminder that lifting a leg inside is not OK, especially in a new home.  Wilbur should be the only male dog in his new home. While he has gotten along with the other females in my pack, his best life will be in a home where he is the only pet and where he will get all of the attention.  Wilbur is high energy, but loves people and kids.  He'd rather stay by your side than chase a a ball, and his favorite place to be when not being petted by you will be on the floor next to you with his head on your foot.  If interested please contact me at 405-321-8842, or message me through Heartland Australian Terriers on Facebook.

Note: I will remain as a co-owner for Wilbur when he goes to his new home, as I have had Wilbur collected and frozen and may want to use him in future breedings.

Update: A wonderful home has been found for Wilbur and he is now living life as the king of his new castle!