Breeding Announcement

These puppies were born on December 19th 2017!  Please contact me if you are interested in getting one of the puppies from this amazing breeding!

The "New Beginnings" Litter

Born: 1/1/2017

Theme: New Beginnings

Puppy Names - Neo - Named after the main Character in "The Matrix".  As this litter only had a single puppy, Neo was "The One"

Check out the video below to see photos of him and get an idea of what the first 12 weeks are like for our puppies at Heartland Australian Terriers.

Breeding Announcement

The "First" Litter

Born: 11/16/2015

Theme: Amazing Firsts

Puppy Names - Wilbur and Orville - Named after the first men to fly, and Jane - Named after Jane Addison, the first Americanwoman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.